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Immigrating to Auckland, New Zealand?

The Auckland Jewish Immigration (AJI) is a volunteer immigration organisation working under the auspices of the Auckland Hebrew Congregation (AHC).

We offer full information on immigration procedures and free advice on:

  • Business and jobs
  • Accommodation
  • Schooling

All these free services are available to you in one hit by contacting us.

The Auckland Jewish Immigration is the only officially sanctioned website representing the Auckland Hebrew Congregation. If you want to tap into the heart of New Zealand's biggest Jewish congregation click here.

Who are the Auckland Jewish Immigration?

The AJI is a voluntary organization and our services are free. One of its key objectives is to welcome, settle and help integrate newly arrived families not only into the congregation but also into the broader community irrespective of affiliation. The only condition is that you become a member of the basic associations that are fundamental and essential to our community's welfare.

One of the purposes of the AJI is to bolster the numbers of members to strengthen and enrich the future of the AHC (Auckland Hebrew Congregation). If you qualify and are prepared to join our congregation as a member of the AHC, we will do all we can to smooth the way for you to be able to immigrate.

The AHC has been established in Auckland for over 150 years. It is a warm, caring, closely knit congregation with a wide range of organizations and activities, and would welcome potential new members as part of its extended congregational family.

For more information and to see whether you qualify, please go to the Requirements web page.

Auckland - your city

A vibrant South Pacific city of 1,400,000 people, perched within glistening harbours, surrounded by lush forests and subtropical islands. Auckland, City of Sails, offers an incomparable lifestyle, unique within New Zealand and the world. More »

You can save up to $10,000 NZ dollars, and sometimes more, with our AJI free partnership immigration service

$10,000 fee is the going rate if you engage an Immigration consultant to process the work for you. With the AJI Partnership it’s free - no hidden costs – all you pay is fees to the Immigration Department.

Once the AJI has established your qualifications/work experience and other immigration related requirements, we will tell you if, under normal circumstances, you should go ahead with your applications to immigrate.

From then on, if you go ahead, we will guide you at your own speed step by step through the process. It is a partnership that should lead to a successful settlement outcome.

300 families have settled in New Zealand through the AJI partnership.

Assistance with Jewish Students to Auckland

Are you a Jewish student living outside New Zealand? Have you considered studying in Auckland, a vibrant South Pacific city of 1,400,000 people? More »


Situation vacant:
Kadimah School, Auckland, New Zealand

Kadimah School is a state integrated co-ed school with a special Jewish character. There are 170 children across nine classes from Year 1-8, with a Pre-School on-site as a feeder. In the three years since integration, the roll has doubled.

We treasure our Jewish culture, religion, rich sense of history and ethical purpose. Our young students graduate as caring, active, responsible members of the community.

Kadimah is a growing school and requires a Principal who is capable of forward thinking, is dynamic and prepared to make change where it serves the school's best interests. We are looking for a progressive Principal who:

  1. Demonstrates effective leadership
  2. Has management acumen
  3. Is a visionary
  4. Builds relationships and communicates effectively

Kadimah is decile 10, projected to grow to 250 children. The position commences at the beginning of Term 3, 21 July.

More information and contact details - www.kadimah.school.nz

Finding skilled workers is a hard task, says survey

NZ Herald April 9, 2014

Forestry was one of the industries with the
highest levels of hard-to-fill vacancies.
Photo / Natalie Slade

Statistics New Zealand's annual business operations survey of 36,000 businesses, published last week, found 31 per cent reporting vacancies that were hard to fill, particularly for tradespeople. The trend has been rising since 2009.

The number of businesses who say it is getting harder to find the skilled workers they need is well above the long-term average, the New Zealand Institute of Economic Research reports, and a survey by Statistics New Zealand sheds some light on what they are likely to do about it.

In the institute's latest quarterly survey of business opinion, 29 per cent of the firms surveyed said getting skilled or specialist labour is harder than it was three months ago.

Firms report less difficulty filling unskilled vacancies than skilled ones but the trend is one of increasing difficulty.
Forestry, machinery manufacturing, construction, telecommunications and computer systems design were the industries with the highest levels of hard-to-fill vacancies - all above 40 per cent.

When asked what actions they had taken as a result, 39 per cent of the businesses reporting hard-to-fill vacancies said they increased salaries, 35 per cent trained less qualified recruits, 26 per cent brought in contractors, 23 per cent recruited overseas and 29 per cent stepped up training.

Celebrate, New Zealand

Friday Apr 4, 2014 This is the best country in the world. We're number one in a comparison of 130 nations, ranked top for freedom of speech, private property rights and personal freedom. Kiwis' freedoms rated world class.

Washington-based think-tank Social Progress Imperative has ranked New Zealand top out of 130 nations on an index of social progress. Simon Collins looks at the factors that have pushed us to the head of the list.

Strong personal rights and freedoms have helped to propel New Zealand into the top rank of the new Social Progress Index.

This country comes first for political rights, such as freedom of speech and private property rights and personal freedom and choice, which includes a Gallup poll which asked people, "Are you satisfied or dissatisfied with your freedom to choose what you do with your life?"

It also scores among the top four countries for water and sanitation, access to schooling and to advanced education, and tolerance and inclusion.

The index is a simple average of scores in 12 categories which are all given equal weight, grouped into three themes of basic human needs, foundations of wellbeing, and opportunity. There are between three and six indicators in each category.

Scores in each category are on a scale of zero to 100, where 100 is the maximum score by any country in the past decade and zero is the lowest score by any country in that period.

The new index is the latest of a series of attempts over the past 30 years to develop alternative measures of wellbeing after experts recognised the limitations of gross domestic product - a measure that counts rebuilding Christchurch as economic growth, for example, but not the destruction of buildings in the recent earthquakes.

Executive director Michael Green, a London-based economist, said others had tried to add new elements on to GDP, but the social progress index aimed to measure social and environmental "outcomes" directly rather than indirectly through indicators such as dollars being spent.

Nutrition and basic medical care
The nutrition and basic medical care category measures the extent to which people's basic life support needs are met, including adequate food intake, the maternal death rate in pregnancy and childbirth, the number of stillbirths for every 1000 live births, the death rate of children below age 5, and deaths from infectious diseases such as tuberculosis, measles and Aids.
New Zealand scored 28th, but the absolute score of 97.57 was only fractionally below the maximum score this year of 98.78 (Iceland).

Access to information and communications
Surprisingly, in this category New Zealand outranks the United States, where the internet was invented. Only 81 per cent of Americans used the internet in 2012 compared with 89.5 per cent of New Zealanders, more than in all but five other countries.
New Zealand also ranks first equal with 10 other countries in press freedom, as ranked by Reporters Without Borders. A further nine countries are ranked 12th-equal, and the US and Australia are in a third tier of countries ranked 21st equal.

Personal safety
Despite being in the lowest category for homicides, New Zealand and Australia both rated relatively low for personal safety because high numbers said yes to the question, "Is violent crime likely to pose a significant problem for Government and/or business over the next two years?"

Ecosystem and sustainability
Oddly, the index measures greenhouse gas emissions per dollar of GDP, rather than the absolute level of emissions. Switzerland has the lowest greenhouse gas emissions per dollar of GDP. New Zealand is ranked second-best-equal along with 93 of the 130 countries including the United States, which is the world's biggest greenhouse gas producer.

Personal rights
New Zealand is ranked best in the world on all five indicators in this category: political rights, freedom of speech, freedom of association and assembly, freedom of movement and private property rights.
Political rights are assessed by another Washington think-tank, Freedom House, and include the electoral process, political pluralism and participation and the functioning of government.
Freedom of speech, assembly and movement are assessed by the Cingranelli-Richards (CIRI) Human Rights Data Project, run by a group of US academics.
Private property rights are from the conservative Heritage Foundation, which says New Zealand "property rights are strongly protected and contracts are notably secure. Enforcement of intellectual property rights is solid."

Personal freedom and choice
New Zealand is again ranked best in the world on corruption, sourced from Transparency International, and on freedom of religion, assessed by the Pew Research Centre based on the absence of any official policies to ban particular religions, prohibit conversions, limit preaching or give preference to one or more religious groups.
Kiwis rank second-equal with the Swiss, after the deeply Buddhist Cambodians, in the number of people who said yes to the question, "Are you satisfied or dissatisfied with your freedom to choose what you do with your life?" Australians came fourth.
New Zealand is again ranked best in the world on corruption, sourced from Transparency International, and on freedom of religion, assessed by the Pew Research Centre based on the absence of any official policies to ban particular religions, prohibit conversions, limit preaching or give preference to one or more religious groups.
Kiwis rank second-equal with the Swiss, after the deeply Buddhist Cambodians, in the number of people who said yes to the question, "Are you satisfied or dissatisfied with your freedom to choose what you do with your life?" Australians came fourth.

Tolerance and inclusion
New Zealanders think of themselves as pretty tolerant, and we come out first-equal with Canada for religious tolerance and second after Canada for tolerance of immigrants.
New Zealanders think of themselves as pretty tolerant, and we come out first-equal with Canada for religious tolerance and second after Canada for tolerance of immigrants.
We are rated 11th on discrimination, powerlessness and violence towards minorities - an indicator topped by a relatively homogeneous country, Iceland.

New Zealand scored the maximum possible on two indicators in this category - access to electricity (100 per cent) and deaths from indoor air pollution (zero).

Access to advanced education
New Zealand rates fourth in access to tertiary education based largely on a single score - third place in the average years of tertiary education completed for people over 25.

Access to basic knowledge
New Zealand ranks second behind Japan for access to basic knowledge. Adult literacy is rated at 99 per cent, primary and lower secondary school enrolment as near-universal, and the ratio of girls to boys in secondary schools at the maximum capped level of 1:1. (The ratio aims to measure exclusion of girls in poor countries, but there are more girls than boys in NZ high schools.)

Water and sanitisation
New Zealand and 10 other countries scored the maximum of 100 points for this category, which includes access to piped water, access to sanitation facilities, and compares rural versus urban access to improved water supply.

Kiwis underestimate what they have, says UK-born migrant

April 2014

English-born David Ingram reckons New Zealand is freer than most Kiwis realise. "I've been here 30 years next week," he said. "I think it's wonderful. I think Kiwis underestimate the freedoms they have."

The Herald went to the Auckland suburb of Onehunga yesterday to test one of the Gallup World Poll questions that gave this country top ranking in the Social Progress Index: "Are you satisfied or dissatisfied with your freedom to choose what you do with your life?"

Mr Ingram, 51, who was having coffee at the Baker's Cafe with grocery worker Tony Searle, 49, said New Zealand was exposed to many of the same threats as other countries but had preserved personal freedoms better.

"The ability to do what we want when we want, I'd say 10 out of 10 really," he said. "I can slag the Government off, I can do what I want, we have a very generous welfare system that looks after you when you get into trouble."
Mr Searle, who was born here, said he would like to earn a bit more and was concerned about a growing gap between rich and poor.

"We are starting to see a bit of an underclass in New Zealand. I think the rich have too much power," he said.
Cafe owner Chai Chay, 40, who came from Cambodia 14 years ago, works in the cafe seven days a week and struggles to make enough to feed his wife and two children after paying rent. But he is glad to be here.

"Cambodia is a very corrupt country ... I can't do anything. I have a house here. I like everything in New Zealand - environment, government, no corruption.

Facebook changes

Stephen Katz

The AJI has cancelled its Facebook page due to New Zealand's privacy laws. All immigration enquires should be send via our contact page.

If you want to make Facebook contact with the AJI on general non specific questions on settlement or general migrant information, you can still do this through Stephen Katz' Facebook page.

Stephen is one of AJI's senior committee members, who would be only too happy to receive your enquires.

Spending surges as economic pick-up reaches consumers

Jan 16, 2014

Overseas spending was up 24% while sales on domestic websites grew 7%.

BNZ yesterday released its monthly online retail sales index, which showed sales grew by 13 per cent in December compared with the same month the previous year.

Overseas spending was up 24 per cent while sales on domestic websites grew 7 per cent.

Online sales represent about 6 per cent of all spending in New Zealand but come on top of figures released by Statistics NZ on Tuesday showing total electronic card transactions at retailers rose 5.5 per cent in December compared with the previous year.

Last week Paymark, which processes about 75 per cent of all electronic transactions in New Zealand, reported December spending up 7.5 per cent on 2012, driven by record-smashing splurges on Christmas Eve and Boxing Day.
BNZ economist Doug Steel said all those factors added up to a strong trend in spending activity for the end of last year.

"We think retail will make quite a strong contribution to economic growth in GDP for the fourth quarter."

Steel said the spend-up was a reflection of the wealth gains felt as a result of house prices and equity going up as well as an improvement in the labour market.

An increase in the number of people moving to New Zealand was also likely to be contributing to the spending, he said. "There has been big migration growth in the last 12 months. From a retailer's point of view that's more sales."
Steel said the labour market was expected to continue to pick up this year as signalled by improving business confidence.

This week the quarterly NZIER survey of business opinion showed businesses are the most optimistic they have been for 20 years.

Not only were businesses looking for staff. The fact that it was difficult to hire both skilled and unskilled workers showed there would also be pressure for wage growth this year, Steel said. Any wage growth would also feed into consumer spending.

Sales volumes had now exceeded the previous peak in 2007 by 5 per cent.

Air NZ named best in world

Jan 15, 2014

Air New Zealand was yesterday named Airline of the Year by international product and safety review website AirlineRatings.com in its inaugural awards.

The airline is about to announce the expansion of its international network as new and upgraded long-haul aircraft enter its fleet.

The first of the airline's 10 Boeing 787-9 Dreamliners arrives in the middle of the year, it has two leased Boeing 777-300s arriving and is refurbishing its 777-200s.

"The new fleet coming in will give us an advantage for a period of time until competitors have the same kinds of fleets in the next five to 10 years."

AirlineRatings.com said it had honoured Air New Zealand for its in-flight innovations, financial performance, operational safety and motivation of its staff. The site also praised the airline's commitment to a young fleet and focus on the environment.

Air New Zealand was awarded best premium economy class.

AirlineRatings was launched in June last year and rates 450 airlines using a seven-star system. Its panel of aviation editors together have more than 150 years' experience covering the industry.

Airlineratings.com editor Geoffrey Thomas said Air New Zealand was "quite simply" an airline of first choice. "And given the airline's location and the country's size its performance is even more remarkable."

Luxon said the awards were a great way to start the year "and reaffirm the hard work of more than 11,000 Air New Zealanders across our business".

Four other airlines which also fly to New Zealand made up the top five overall carriers. They are Emirates, Cathay Pacific, Singapore Airlines and Qantas.
The Top 10:
1. Air NZ
2. Emirates
3. Cathay Pacific
4. Singapore Airlines

Average property price up 10pc in 2013

14 January 2014

Residential property prices increased by an average 10 per cent last year, according to the Property IQ Value Index, produced by Quotable Value.

The national average house price was $466,022 at the end of December, up 10 per cent on the same time in 2012 and 12.5 per cent ahead of the last market peak in in 2007, the index showed.

Values were up 15.4 per cent in Auckland at $693,549.

Lowest road fatality year since 1950

December 31, 2013

A record low number of road fatalities in 2013.

254 people have lost their lives on the roads - a 17 percent reduction from last year, and the lowest since 1950.

The Automobile Association's Mike Noon says there are a number of reasons behind the drop, including driver attitudes.

"We're seeing some better driving on the roads. Some reduction in speeds, some better courtesy on the roads."
Mr Noon says there also seems to be fewer people drinking and driving.

NZ No 5 on world prosperity list

31 October 2013

New Zealand has been rated the fifth most prosperous nation to live in, according to an international report.

The 2013 Legatum Prosperity Index ranks 142 nations on their "wealth and wellbeing" in eight categories, including health, education, safety and security, and economy.

New Zealand scored in the top 20 for all categories, coming out fifth overall.

The Legatum Prosperity Index is published by the London-based Legatum Institute, which provides research on different economic and social issues around the world.

Building consents hit record high

31 October 2013

Latest building consent data showed new records set for the national value of house building. Statistics NZ figures for September showed the sector running red hot.

"The total value of all building work consented in New Zealand in the September 2013 quarter was $3.2 billion: $2.1 billion of residential building work (the highest ever value) and $1.1 billion of non-residential building work," Statistics NZ said.

The seasonally adjusted number of new dwellings, excluding apartments, rose 2.6 per cent in September.

Auckland hits the top 10 in world best-cities list

29 October 2013

Auckland was praised for its newly revitalised waterfront districts such as the Wynyard.

Auckland has been rated one of the world's top 10 cities to visit by travel bible Lonely Planet.

The city, which attracts 1.8 million foreign visitors a year, sits alongside iconic places including Paris, Zurich, Shanghai and Vancouver in the ninth annual Best in Travel guide, published today. The book highlights the best trends, destinations, journeys and experiences for the upcoming year.

Auckland was praised for its newly revitalised waterfront districts such as the Wynyard Quarter, and shopping and dining precincts such as the City Works Depot and Britomart.

Also singled out are black-sand beaches on the west coast, the Waitakere Ranges, Rangitoto Island, Waiheke Island, the 77km Hillary Trail, the SkyWalk atop Auckland's Sky Tower and the refurbished Auckland Art Gallery.
The Top 10 Cities were independently nominated by more than 500 authors and staff of Lonely Planet, the largest travel guide book publisher in the world.

The entry is written by Brett Atkinson, who is based in Auckland but has visited more than 70 countries and had stories published on more than 45. He has written several Lonely Planet country guides, including for Sri Lanka, Thailand and Tasmania.

Singled out are black-sand beaches on the west coast of Auckland

Auckland marketing expert Graham McGregor said such an award from a brand such as Lonely Planet would do wonders for tourism. "Any time somebody who's not you says you're good, that's much better than you saying you're good. You have someone ... endorsing you, saying you're the tenth best city in the world to travel to; that's a great feather in the cap and the council should definitely use that in their marketing."

The book labels restaurants Ortolana, Cafe Hanoi and Mexico Food & Liquor as trendsetters, while Al Brown's Depot Eatery & Oyster Bar is a "true Auckland experience".

"It's a nice thing to hear. I think Auckland is becoming a far more tourist-orientated city and people are seeing Auckland as a destination in its own right as opposed to a gateway to the wider New Zealand areas."
The Mayor of Auckland, Len Brown, said the accolade for the city was well deserved. "The work we are doing to make Auckland a fabulous place to live and visit is paying off and putting Auckland on the map."

Brett O'Riley, chief executive of Auckland Tourism, Events and Economic Development (Ateed), said the recognition added weight to the city's marketing efforts to attract domestic and international visitors. Ateed aims to double the contribution from the visitor economy to $6 billion by 2021.

To coincide with the Lonely Planet accolade, Ateed posted a YouTube clip featuring comments from proud Aucklanders, including Simon Gault, Carol Hirschfeld, Kerre McIvor, Sir John Kirwan and Jeremy Corbett.

Lonely Planet's Asia Pacific sales and marketing director, Chris Zeiher, said Auckland's inclusion in the list was a testament to the sustained reinvention of the harbour side city.

It follows several other destination accolades in the past year, including Lonely Planet's current New Zealand guide labelling the Hauraki Gulf and its islands and the city the top two New Zealand experiences.

Overseas students working conditions liberalised

October 2013

The changes will take effect from January 2014 and were announced by Tertiary Education, Skills and Employment Minister Steven Joyce and Immigration Minister Michael Woodhouse.

Changes will allow more English language students studying at high-quality providers to work part-time. The changes provide full-time work rights during all scheduled holidays to international students Those who take a course of one academic year or more, are given unlimited work rights to international PhD and Masters by research students.

Immigration New Zealand will also be trialling an industry partnership initiative with education providers. Providers that are part of the initiative will be able to offer streamlined and prioritised visa processing, and in return will be accountable for the immigration outcomes of their international students.

'Awesome' Alice not boring at all

October 2013

Named after Alice in Wonderland, Alice is the 10th biggest machine of its kind in the world; weighing in at 4000 tonnes it's also the largest ever used in the Southern Hemisphere.

Its job is to bore twin tunnels as deep as 45m beneath the surface, to pass below the hard-rock legacy of the region's volcanic activity.

Alice is due to begin her two-year underground journey from Owairaka to Waterview and back to construct the 2.4km twin tunnels, each of which will carry three lanes of traffic.

The machine has been assembled in the southern end of the tunnels which are being built to connect Auckland's south western and north western motorways. This will complete a 47km link between Manukau and Albany called the Western Ring Route.

Yesterday was the only opportunity for the public to see Alice before it starts being used for work on the $1.4 billion project later this month.

Pure SEO takes out business award

10 October 2013

AJI committee member Richard Conway’s Pure SEO has not only claimed the supreme title, but has also been named the Most Outstanding Transitional Business and a finalist in the Most Outstanding Triumph over Adversity and Most Community-Minded Business categories in the David Awards 2013. In 2011, they won the Most Outstanding Fledgling Business category.

Speaking on behalf of the judges, Glenn Baker commented, “We were a little dubious about Pure SEO last time they entered. We suspected they were too under-staffed, perhaps too under-funded, and too green to make an impact in the highly competitive SEO sector. We wondered if they would turn a decent profit, let alone a market splash. Well, we clearly under-estimated the tenacity and commitment of Richard and his team. Pure SEO is indeed a terrific business with some great results under its belt and a promising future ahead. Pure SEO was outstanding in the Transitional category and a deserving winner.”

Founder of The David Awards, Heather Douglas, says, “The intention of The David Awards is to recognise ordinary, small, home or micro businesses, which often fly beneath the national radar but are doing extraordinary things.

"These are the grassroots businesses which form the basis of our economy. This is where better-known brands and export businesses are spawned, These are the businesses which contribute to their communities and help make New Zealand what it is. Yet, they are often overlooked and ignored. The David Awards: heroes in small business aims to recognise our entrepreneurial Davids for what they are – the real heroes in small business in this country. It’s extremely rewarding to see a business which has previously won one of the smaller categories growing to the point where it’s now taking out the top spot.”

High migrant satisfaction with licensed immigration advisers

Immigration Advisers Authority 1 October 2013

Four out of five migrants said they would recommend their licensed immigration adviser to family and friends, according to an independent survey.

Results showed that 82% of migrants were very satisfied or satisfied with their licensed immigration adviser. The top three reasons for satisfaction were:

  • good, helpful service
  • professionalism and honesty
  • a fast service.

More than eight out of ten migrants agreed that as a result of using a licensed adviser:

  • I had a better chance of having a successful visa application (85%)
  • I feel my interests as a consumer were protected (86%)
  • my impression of New Zealand as a migration destination was positive (88%).

The migrant survey is carried out by Premium Research on behalf of the Immigration Advisers Authority.

Registrar of Immigration Advisers, Barry Smedts, was delighted but not surprised.

He said: "Licensed immigration advisers do great work for their clients and the country. They help migrants see the opportunities New Zealand has to offer, bring families together and help drive our economy. These survey results are testament to that work and they deserve to be recognised."

High Holiday Highlights at Kadimah Jewish School

September 2013

It has been a magical time for our treasured Jewish children at Kadimah over these high holidays. My son at pre-school adored being awoken from his afternoon slumber to the sound of the shofar. "Mummy, I love Isak (Rabbi's eldest son) because he wakes us up from nap time everyday with the shofar." A few days ago, he had a dream in his bed and when he awoke he said "Where is Isak? I heard the shofar when I woke up!" So thank you Isak, my son now has the sound of the shofar resonating within his dreams...

This morning my eldest son (6 years old) at Kadimah sung the Ashrei psalm, in perfect Hebrew...the beautiful melody is so captivating, I put down my coffee and closed my eyes. Infuse the children in tefila with the Rabbi every morning and reap the precious dividends...

Jemma Alizade, AJI

You are never too old to learn

September 2013

People who are thinking about moving to Auckland, or who have already arrived here, might like to consider enrolling in tertiary level study. People of all ages become students. As the Rabbi Akiva Yeshiva in Jerusalem emphasizes, a Jew is never too old to learn. The Vilna Gaon explains why. Our three souls rule respectively over each third of our lives. Of these souls - the animal soul, the rational soul and the G-dly soul - the last two drive us to study in the middle and even older years of our lives.

Where can people study? New Zealand's leading university is the University of Auckland, which is among the world's best. In the latest QS World rankings of universities by subject, it is in the top 20 universities in Accounting and Finance and ranks 21-30 in Psychology, Education, Law and Linguistics.

For further information, contact: Stephen Buetow (Associate Professor, University of Auckland) sande@xtra.co.nz.

The new Sponsorship category of parents does work

September 2013

A big thank you from a delighted AJI assisted family

"Just wanted to say thank you for your assistance with some of my queries regarding my parents immigration.
They have now received an invitation to come to NZ and hopefully will get here within the next 12 months."

Sponsor minded families that can meet the considerable requirements of tier one of the relatively new Parent sponsorship category, could look forward to a probable successful outcome.

The family that the AJI assisted did their homework of the requirements with meticulous and methodical planning to meet all the conditions.

If there is a family that is considering sponsoring their parents they should first contact the AJI. We will send you a print out of the process and then if you meet the requirements, we will refer you on to the successful family. They have indicated that they are only too happy to share their experiences.

Introducing Immigration New Zealand's new technology platform, the Immigration Global Management System (IGMS)

August 2013

Once IGMS is fully rolled out in 2015, the entire visa process will be done online, from initial application to final decision.

Applicants, and people acting on their behalf, will be able to complete the relevant forms, upload photos and documents to their personal immigration account, pay their application fee and ask their immigration officer questions - all online.

The changeover from manual to online visa applications will start in late 2013.

The new system will be centred on clients instead of applications. It will lead to visa services being delivered quicker and cheaper, with:

  • greater ease of access.
  • more consistent decision making.
  • improved fraud and compliance detection.
  • better information sharing for Immigration New Zealand partner organisations, including immigration advisers.

A portal will be created allowing to:

  • view their applications.
  • view the intending migrant's application details.
  • generate reports.
  • check the eligibility for various visa types.

The first IGMS "product," an online eligibility calculator, will be rolled out July. This enhanced version of the existing VisaOptions questionnaire will advise people what visas they are eligible for and link them to relevant information and forms.

Starting now with students and some temporary workers, they will be able to submit their visa applications online.
Mid-2014 will see full student visa processing online through to final decision.

More news »

New Zealand Immigration Advisers Licence

Stanley Ishia Rose
Adviser no. 200901789

The Auckland Jewish Immigration chairman Stan Rose has been granted a licence to operate as a New Zealand Immigration Adviser (Adviser number 200901789). Whilst the Registration has to be issued to a specific person and not an organisation, never the less it consolidates the AJI as the premier Jewish Immigration organisation in New Zealand. Click here to view the certificate.

Migrants seeking immigration advice need to be aware that it is now illegal for anyone in New Zealand to provide this advice without a licence from the Immigration Advisers Authority, unless they are exempt from the licensing requirements. People who are exempt from licensing include Citizens Advice Bureaux staff and volunteers, Community Law Centre staff and volunteers, Members of Parliament and their staff, practising lawyers and Immigration New Zealand staff. Migrants seeking advice from licensed immigration advisers should look out for the special trademark (pictured), which only licensed advisers may display.

Finding Your First Job

An AJI 65 page booklet written by Stan Rose is now posted on to the internet. The booklet is in Manual reference form based on assisting an arriving immigrant endeavouring to secure their first job.

The booklet is exclusive to AJI assisted migrants who will require a password to access the site. This site is only available by application to aji@xtra.co.nz quoting the enquirer's personal AJI file number.

Electronic Newsletter

If you wish to receive the outstanding AJI quarterly newsletter and are not on our database to receive it, please CLICK HERE and supply your full name and email address. You can cancel at any time and your details will remain confidential.

The AJI is a unique exclusive Jewish Immigration Advisory organisation

You want to immigrate but how do you get started? There are two main considerations -

  1. Engage a registered Immigration Consultant - Cost anything up to $12,000 nz
  2. Negotiate the immigration process yourself

If it is to be item 2-then contact us how our free partnership Immigration and Settlement service works.
This step by step immigration service will be dependant for a successful outcome for you to carry out our advice through the Immigration process.

We will also be totally honest with you if you are unlikely to have your Immigration application accepted.

Stan admitted to the NZAMI

Stan Rose representing the AJI as of the 16 June became a full member of the all important NZAMI (New Zealand Association for Migrant and Investment). As with the Adviser application and appointment this membership requested
a waver of fees and/or subscriptions as a Not-For Profit organisation. What was particularly pleasing signed by Robert Liang Chair of the Membership committee and Director of the Board of NZAMI as a non Jewish organisation were his comments :

“We acknowledge your effort to help the community voluntarily while AJI being a non profit organisation.”

The NZAMI is a powerful and influential organisation in the world of New Zealand Immigration working continuously with the Government on all Immigration issues. It will also open the door to a great deal of relative updated information, seminars with lead speakers and an opportunity to meet many Professional Immigration Consultants on a personal footing.

Commitments and responsibilities as a licensed adviser under the auspices of the Immigration Advisers Authority
Complaints procedure - Any enquirer who wished to register a complaint has on request the right to a copy of the complaints procedures as required under the Advisers Authority. These complaints must be strictly connected with advice with regard to immigration procedures. The complainant will of course be free to refer the matter for consideration under section 9 of the code of conduct to The Registrar, Advisers Authority, PO Box 6222, Wellesley St, Auckland 1141, New Zealand. Email: info@iaa.govt.nz, Phone: +64 9 925 3838.

Code of conduct
As an appointed immigration adviser the AJI is bound by a detailed code of conduct document which commits the adviser to a moral code of ethics that they must strictly adhere to. The code of conduct can be viewed at www.iaa.govt.nz/code-conduct.
If any enquirer feels that they would like to request any part of that code of conduct which may be of concern to them they can on request receive a copy of the relative section of the code of conduct documentation.

"I wanted to thank you again for your help when I first arrived and for all of the people you connected me with. After meeting more and more people in the community, I have started to get involved in the Auckland University Jewish Association and I am currently organizing a sporting day." Eyal K

We would like to thank the following company for their continued support:

glaister ennor
Glaister Ennor
This is a well established firm of Lawyers (predominately Partners from our Congregation) with specialists in all matters of law and investment. See our latest legal update on changes to commercial and property law in New Zealand.
Website: www.glaisterennor.co.nz

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