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Young People - you can change your life!

Welcome to Auckland - The City Of Sails

Lifestyle is the irresistible magnet that draws you to Auckland

So what do we mean by Lifestyle?

Is it the name City of Sails?
There are more boats in New Zealand, per head of population, than anywhere else on the globe!

Is it the image of a place of unsurpassed natural beauty?
Auckland is a cosmopolitan, bustling city surrounded by lush, fertile farmland and sparkling waters.

Is it the bustling multi cultural society?
You have got to believe it! There are people from over 180 different ethnic groups living in Auckland - side-by-side as one community.

Is it that there is respect for all religions, free from any acrimony and discrimination?
As a Jew and part of the Jewish congregation respect for our community goes back 150 years. In this time our small congregation has produced two Prime Ministers, seven Mayors and leaders in Industry, the sciences, the legal fraternity, in medicine and in public affairs. Auckland is a fine place to be recognised as being part of the Jewish community.

Is it because if you are prepared to get stuck in and work hard you can get ahead faster, with less obstacles, than just about anywhere else in the world.
Kiwis are born into a secure environment with great working conditions and it is easy to take things for granted. This creates a great opportunity for the new migrant - provided they are prepared to work hard and to get ahead and build a new life... many of the migrants we have helped have done just that!

So send us an email to youngaji@xtra.co.nz with the message "tell us more" and we will send you a range of contact options which will help you plan your path to becoming a new Kiwi!


A working holiday in New Zealand

Want to get a real taste of life in New Zealand?

If you are aged 18 to 30 years of age you might be able to apply on-line for a Working Holiday Visa.

Still unsure if New Zealand is your country of choice? Take a look - Discover & Decide...

During your working holiday if you can secure a permanent job offer in the area of your qualifications and or work experience, you can apply for a work permit, or Residency or Work to Residency.

Email: youngaji@xtra.co.nz how the holiday scheme can work for you as a stepping stone to be able to immigrate to Auckland.

Check out this website for more information:

Bnei Akiva:

Bnei Akiva is a network which provides 6-18 year olds with an opportunity to socialise in a Jewish environment. They focus on orthodox Jewish values and hold weekly meetings and community events. Twice a year, they also hold camps attracting over 50 kids from around New Zealand. Their aim is to provide a strong Jewish social environment that is both educational and fun for youth, and warmly welcome new families. As part of the largest global youth movement in the world, with over 100,000 affiliated youth, they invite you to join their friendly network.
For more information please visit www.bneiakiva.org.nz.

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